Animals Are Friends

One year.

It’s amazing how much can change in that time. It seems like such a small, insignificant piece of time. But it can change everything. One year ago today, I adopted my sweet cat, Winnie.

One year ago, I wasn’t a “cat person.” I always liked dogs more. Cats were suspicious to me. They always seemed to be plotting something. But alas, I was lonely and my apartment building only allowed cats. So, I bit the bullet and decided to adopt a cat. I scoured Pet Finder until I spotted the prettiest cat of the bunch: Winnie.

Winnie grew up on the street. She was found at four months old, eating out of the garbage. The people who found her fostered for two months before I adopted her. They tried their best at socializing her, but Winnie was terrified of people. The day I got her, she immediately hid under my dresser. There she stayed for the whole first day!

Slowly, Winnie warmed up to me. Since I was the only human in the apartment, she probably didn’t have another choice! It was incredible to see Winnie’s transformation. She began exploring the apartment. She let me pet her and ate out of my hand. And she began laying on my chest at night, purring and rubbing her face on my neck. Winnie grew to love my boyfriend, Patrick, as well.

Today, Winnie is the sweetest, most playful cat around. She is still afraid of strangers and gets jumpy at certain noises. But it is night and day compared to how she was when I first adopted her. I’m proud of her and how much she’s accomplished. I’m proud of myself too. I’ve helped Winnie change a lot… but she’s helped me change even more.

Animals Are Friends

I never realized I could love an animal so much. But Winnie is a part of me. She is my best friend and constant companion. She has truly taught me the value of animals. They are equal to humans and should be treated as such. All animals are equal too. One species isn’t better than another. If I love and value a cat so much, how could I possibly eat cows, chickens, and pigs? I couldn’t, and I won’t. Animals are friends, not food.

Here’s to another year with Winnie by my side!



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